Nowhere Man

Ooh, look! Delmar now has an intersection where Abbey Road and Penny Lane meet!


Don’t get too excited. Abbey Road and Penny Lane are not quaint byways that will remind you of merry olde England, but posh townhouses that run in the $350,000 to $450,000 neighborhood. And that’s a fancy neighborhood.

And there does not appear to be a cool crosswalk where you can take a picture.

I’d love to name a street after a rock & roll song. Thunder Road, Shakedown Street, Creeque Alley… how about Desolation Row? I’m curious what you would name your street.

4 thoughts on “Nowhere Man

  1. Desolation Boulevard (the Sweet)

    speaking of XTC I thought that if I ever built a town I would name it Simpleton so I could be mayor

  2. I heard Sentimental Street by Night Ranger today – like most of their songs great music, great musicians, but AWFWUL lyrics! However, when we saw them at SPAC four years ago with Journey they stole the show.

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