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African Black SoapAfrican Black Soap? I found this on the counter in the bathroom — and whenever I find anything in the bathroom I look at the price. It’s always amazing to me what people will pay for shampoos, soaps, and exotic grooming potions. I was not disappointed: twelve bucks!

Regardless of the name, African Black Soap isn’t quite black, but brown and has the consistency of tar. As for the African part, it says right on the label that it’s a “Product of Africa.” That’s not very specific, but it’s specific enough for me, being an American.

I will say this, though: the stuff sure smells good, but twelve dollars good? Whatever. I guess if all it takes is twelve bucks to avail you of this soap’s miraculous properties, so be it. Just read the label: along with all the usual soap duties, it’s good for fungus and ringworm. That’s priceless.

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