There’s a parking space in hell reserved for Jerry Sandusky. I hope it’s right next to Joe Paterno’s.

Paterno’s family is urging us to remember all the good things  JoePa did during his 61 years at Penn State. In a statement issued after the release of Louis Freeh’s Penn State investigation, they said, “The idea that any sane, responsible adult would knowingly cover up for a child predator is impossible to accept.” Well, at least they got that right.

Then all this got me thinking about Pete Rose.

Rose, arguably one of the best and most memorable baseball players of all time will forever live in the shadow of his gambling trouble. Breaking the rules and his lifetime suspension from baseball will always be cited before his on-field accomplishments.

While I don’t condone what Rose did, his were victimless crimes. Compare that to Joe Paterno, who covered up for the child rapist who was running amok on the fringes of his legendary football program.

Personally, I find it hard to forgive people who allow children to be raped, but I’m funny that way.

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