Segue Fever: Stuck in the Middle with Sheryl Crow

The death of Gerry Rafferty last week meant that “Stuck in the Middle with You” was being played all over the place. I always loved that song, and like everyone else, Reservoir Dogs changed my relationship with it forever.

Now it’s an iconic recording — but what better to cleanse the palate of torture and ear slicing than the song’s groovy younger cousin,¬†Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do?”

The hand claps, the bass line, and most of all, the pedal steel guitar… it’s not just similar, it’s an homage.

5 thoughts on “Segue Fever: Stuck in the Middle with Sheryl Crow

  1. Sheyrl Crow did many versions of All i wanna do:


    acoustic alternate

    on stool

    live 2003

    each version has a particular and distinctive vibe.

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