Six Toes

Among those arrested in Friday’s $50M sports gambling bust were Albert “Waldo” Lounello, Joseph “Oink” Carucci, Joel “Penguin” Greenfield, and Louis “Bindy” Margiasso. This got me thinking I need a nickname, so I turned to the internet. They’ve go everything on the internet these days, so it took about two seconds to find the Mob Nickname Generator, and another two seconds to be issued the alias Six Toes. I rather like the sound of that. You’d probably be called Six Toes because you’re such a serious ass kicker, it’s like you have six toes. Or maybe because you literally have SIX TOES, which isn’t as cool, but still interesting. Feel free to post your new mob nickname in comments. To save you the trouble, I looked up the mob names of a few well known local figures…

Eliot Spitzer = Sweet Nostrils
David Paterson = The Mangler
Jerry Jennings = Baby Buns
Jim Tedisco = Junior Mint
Kirsten Gillibrand = Gandhi Mangler
Joe Bruno = Weed Whacker
Paul Vandenburgh = The Yak
Billy Fuccillo = Three Fingers
Fred LeBrun = Chimpy Nuts

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