Sneaking Around

In our house, leaving your sneakers around is a major offense. People are constantly being reminded to pick them up, put them away —just get them out of sight, for god’s sake. And don’t walk in here with dirty shoes, OK?

The Albany County Sheriff’s Department says they arrested a local man after finding his sneakers at the scene of a burglary. He’d removed them before entering the house and allegedly left them behind when he was discovered and ran away. By matching DNA found on the shoes (yuck) they identified him as the suspect. Where’d they get his DNA? Glad you asked. It was taken after a January 2007 burglary arrest —and in 2007 he was identified by the muddy footprints he tracked all over the house. Footprints from his sneakers.

So let’s recap: he learned not to walk through the house with muddy sneakers, but dropped the ball on leaving them laying around. If that’s not proof that you should always listen to your parents, I don’t know what is.

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