The balance of nature is fragile, and there are few things more destructive than introducing an unnatural predator into the environment.

Like my cat, Mia.

Mia has developed a powerful taste for spiders. She spends the day — when she’s not sleeping — gazing up at the walls and ceilings looking for the little critters.

When she can’t actually reach a spider, I pick her up and hold her where she can poke it and knock it down on the floor. Then she bats it around for a couple of minutes before eating it.

Yes, it seems innocent, but while we have lots of spiders in our house, it’s not an endless supply. Now I’m worried that if all the spiders are gone we will lose out on the good they bring to our household. According to the Washington State University Extension:

Spiders are far more beneficial than they are dangerous. The benefits we realize from spiders preying on insects, mites, and other spiders far outweigh the low potential health hazard to humans.

Sure spiders are a little creepy, but will our house now beĀ overrun with other pests that the cat can’t control? We shall see. There may also be Karmic consequences, for both me and the cat. Some people will tell you we’re coming back as spiders — or worse.

Beats having her outside, though. Cats are the scourge of songbirds and will usually just kill them for the sport of it. They bring them home and drop them on the doorstep, as if to say, “Here! Look what I’ve done for you.”

What do they know? A job’s a job.

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