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The internet looks huge, but it’s really like a small town where everybody hears everything you say. For example, TU reporter Jordan Carleo-Evangelist titled a post on his Homers baseball blog Sometimes, A.J. Burnett makes me want to punch a kitten. He wrote that he was just joking, but that didn’t stop Baltimore Sun blogger Jill Rosen from letting him have it:

The blogger might think it’s a funny phrase — but he felt the need to clarify himself so I’m guessing he was at least a little concerned that someone would take him literally. He would never have said the baseball player makes him want to punch a baby, or his wife, or a first grade teacher.

Ouch! Should have called the post Sometimes, A.J. Burnett makes me want to punch A-Rod. Nobody would care about that.

Bloggers look out for one another and that’s what I love about being part of the TU community. Blogger extraordinaire Kristi Gustafson tweeted yesterday:

Who knew there was actually something called the World Toilet Association. @rmadeo, shouldnt you be ALL over that?

She knows me too well. It’s easy to find stuff about the World Toilet Organization, a group that advocates proper sanitation throughout the world, but turns out information about the World Toilet Association is elusive — and searches mostly lead you to pictures of a toilet shaped house. If you sell that place how many bathrooms do you list?

It’s a real art to seamlessly work in a client plug, but Talk 1300’s Paul Vandenburgh is clearly the master. This morning while mentioning the wake for Army Spc. Benjamin D. Osborn, Vandenburgh managed to point out that it’s being held at a Scott and Barbieri Funeral Home, one of his sponsors. Wow. Nice touch.

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