The Story You’ll Never See

Back in my local TV days, we’d look at our web stats and marvel at the number of hits we were getting from NY State agencies. Then when Columbus Day would roll around the traffic would die completely.

Truth is you can get a pretty good idea where your web audience is, particularly those using computers at work. We used to joke, “Hahahaha… we should do a story about this, you know, how those state workers are surfing the web all day?”

What makes that a joke? Because if you do that story, the very next day state agencies would crack down on internet usage.

Don’t get me wrong: local newspapers and TV love stories about state workers wasting time — and this is a story that they have sitting right in their lap in the form of detailed web stats — but the results could be catastrophic. Why risk losing a huge piece of your audience?

Just for the record, I don’t keep track of my readers, but if I did I’m certain I’d find that you’re all visiting on your own time. Right?

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