Super Bowl Saturday?

Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio made a suggestion this week that makes a lot of sense: move the Super Bowl to Saturday.

Let’s face it. Monday morning after the Super Bowl is a lost cause. Adults have been up late eating and drinking, children have been deprived of the sleep they need, and productivity is all shot to hell.

Besides, everybody’sĀ chatting about the game and the parties they went to –or they’re just talking about the commercials and clogging up the company internet watching their favorites over and over again.

So what do you do to prevent Super Bowl Sunday from becoming Hangover Monday? Move the game to Saturday.

There’s one other option of course: write to your Congressman about having the Monday after Super Bowl declared a national holiday. It could be positioned as an energy conservation effort. Imagine the money businesses would save by shutting down for a day instead of having buildings full of people not doing any work.

We could call it the National Super Bowl Recovery Act of 2010. With my luck it would be the only holiday that I don’t get off.

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