I Swear I Had Something for This

Poor Schenectady. They felt so screwed when it seemed the producers of “The Place Beyond the Pines” — a film that was partially shot in the city — would not show them some Hollywood love with a movie premier. It looks like it’s all worked out — but who the hell cares about that when Schenectady was prominently featured in a recent episode of Archer on FX. THAT is a big deal.

And not just Schenectady, either. Much of the story take place on the Northway and Thruway — and Coxsackie and Catskill are also name-dropped.

Sorry I can’t show the whole episode. Maybe you could buy it or something if you’d like to see it.

7 thoughts on “I Swear I Had Something for This

    1. Everything H. Jon Benjamin says comes out sounding funny.

      Not sure how closely you follow the show, but the season premiere put the amnesia stricken Archer in Benjamin’s other animated haunt, Bob’s Burgers, where he plays the title role. Crazy…

  1. Rob,
    Any thoughts on the WNYT/WNYA team up? Seems like we’ll be back to 3 stations and PBS before you know it.
    By the by, Archer is awesome!

    1. It’s so funny that you say that. We’re nearly back to 1981, aren’t we?

      I do have a few thoughts that I’m trying to organize into a blog post for later today or tomorrow…

        1. She was in a class by herself.

          We actually have some very good anchors and reporters around here — and almost without exception they’re the more seasoned people.
          That’s not to say the more experienced people are always good. I’ve sat in morning assignment meetings and watched veteran reporters walk in in day after day without a single idea or a unique way to tell a story.

          Most of these people, particulary the newbies, do their jobs by the textbook. I suppose that’s good enough.

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