Swinging with Tiger Woods

Look, I don’t know if Tiger Woods wife chased him down the driveway with a golf club. And it’s totally none of our business what went on that night between him and his spouse or if he’s had/planning to have/having an affair. None of our concern.

And if his wife did attack him with a golf club could you blame him for fleeing in terror? I mean, really: imagine a big, tall, former Swedish fashion model coming after you swinging a golf club. Dude, I’m totally running.

Nope, none of that’s any of our business. Nor are all the crazy stories starting to come out about what Mr. Woods does when he’s not on the golf course. Please let it go.

But there’s one question we deserve an answer to: what’s the appropriate club to use when chasing your husband down the driveway at 2am, a 9-iron or a pitching wedge?

In the interest of full disclosure, my wife once pursued me with a snow shovel. It was many years ago —and while I hadn’t done anything like what Tiger Woods is alleged be involved with, I probably deserved it. Fortunately for me a snow shovel can not be swung efficiently because of the wind resistance it encounters.

The lesson here is clear, gentlemen: don’t leave your golf clubs by the door.

6 thoughts on “Swinging with Tiger Woods

  1. I am hysterical laughing… with the image of your wife chasing after you wielding a shovel! (No doubt one of the rare times she ever HAS lifted on!) Thanks for the visual! Glad you emerged unscathed.

  2. Very funny, this reminds me of a skit from Sandford and Son when Fred was angry with Esther he said (and I have used this line in joking) “Let me find something to hit you wit”

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