And The Horse You Rode In On

I stopped touting three-year-old colt Madeo after he lost a couple of times —and after several people following my advice lost money. I knew he was running on Sunday, but decided I’d be better off throwing away $20 at The Great Escape than throwing it away at OTB. Was I ever wrong.

Running in the $350,000 Del Mar Derby, Madeo came from behind to beat 9-10 favorite Gio Ponti by half a length. He paid $23.60 on a $2 bet. Damn!

And why call a horse Madeo? He’s named for a popular Italian restaurant in West Hollywood —the sort of place where the paparazzi hang around outside to get pictures of celebrities. From one patron’s Yelp review: “My girlfriend took me here for my birthday and we saw Chris Martin, Gwenyth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom at one table and at another table was Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson.” If you go, just remember: it’s not cool to stare.

Random Notes

GOTTA SERVE SOMEONE Zack surprised us on the way out of Mass Sunday, announcing that he’d like to be a lector someday. We were really impressed by this because we’ve worked so hard to keep him interested in church. I was halfway to the car before I realized why he was suddenly so keen on getting involved —and it had everything to do with first reading, Zechariah 9:9-10:

See, your king shall come to you; a just savior is he, Meek, and riding on an ass, on a colt, the foal of an ass.

Like every 12-year-old, he just wants to say ass in church.

ON THE INTERNET, NOBODY KNOWS YOUR A DOG I don’t really have time for it, but I’ve gotten myself involved in another online project: Dog 365. For the next year, I will post one picture a day of Scarlett, the Australian Shepherd who can’t manage to keep her tongue out of my mouth. I’d like to tell you that this is some sort of satire about the relationship we have with our pets, but like a lot of things I’ve done online, I didn’t really put that much thought into it.

POST TIME Madeo couldn’t quite get it done at the May 24 Alydar Stakes, losing by a neck to long shot Trevor’s Clever. His owners and trainer continue to have high hopes for the three-year-old, who’s entered in Saturday’s $350,000 Swaps Stakes at Hollywood Park. Madeo won’t be the favorite this time. Among the entries are Kentucky Derby horse Colonel John, who will likely head to The Travers if he wins this race. Does that mean Madeo could end up in the Travers if he wins? Not likely, especially considering he’s never run on dirt.


Heard It Through The Bovine
Feeling a need to cozy up with my neighbors, I started contributing to the TU’s Bethlehem Blog. My first post, a reprint of the Bethlehem Soccer Club/Nazi Eagle item drew the hostile response I predicted. This week, I put up something about the new tattoo parlor in town. This is a departure from the happy mommy/charming village/rah-rah stuff that’s mostly on that blog.

Ann says to me, “Are they paying you?” No, I explain, but remember what they say: do what you love and the money will follow. “Oh, yeah? They also say ‘why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?'”

Off And Running
Madeo returns tomorrow in the $75,000 Alydar Stakes at Hollywood Park. Mike Smith, who brought the colt from behind to win on April 30th, will take the mount once again. Haven’t seen early odds yet, but expect Madeo and Harlene to be favorites. The Alydar is tomorrow’s second race and post time will be about 4:50 east coast time. With six horses running some exotic betting may be in order.

This One’s For The Ladies

A local woman was charged with murder after allegedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend to death on a Troy street corner. She had earlier keyed his car and was also charged with criminal mischief.

Head Scratcher

WTF?I had a couple of bucks, so I asked the clerk at Stewart’s for a scratch off. Which one? I don’t know, pick me any of one of those two dollars tickets. Back in the car I grab a nickel and start scratching my way to victory. That’s when I realized I was in trouble.

Scratch the YOUR LETTERS area to reveal 18 letters within the box. Scratch each letter in the Cashword puzzle that corresponds to YOUR LETTERS.

HONK! The light was green and the guy behind me wanted to go. At the next light I continued reading.

Complete three or more words in the Cashword puzzle using YOUR LETTERS to win the prize shown in the Prize Legend. See back for details.

Details? HONK! The light was green again. I drove off thinking, WTF? They gave me the scratch off game for Mensa members. Actually, that can’t be: Mensans are bright enough not to waste their money on these things. I pulled over and started revealing my 18 letters. Then I started scratching off each letter in the Cashword box that corresponded to MY LETTERS. Ten minutes later I abandoned the project.

It took me a week to finally get everything scratched off. I’m affraid I might have voided the game, but if not I’m pretty sure I’ve either won $2 or $10,000.

By the way: If those Mensans are so smart , why do they have such an awful web site?

The Thursday Thing

Winner’s Circle: Madeo shot out of the final turn yesterday, coming from behind to take a narrow victory in the 7th race at Hollywood Park (AP story here). He paid $8.20. After we watched the race, Zack says, “That was great! This is what we should do when there’s no football on.” Uh, oh…

What Not To Eat: I was totally interested in having Chinese food tonight until I read this. And I thought eating dogs in Korea was bad. Olympic travellers beware!

iPod Playlist: I’ve been obsessively listening to this song “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab For Cutie. By obsessive I mean like over a hundred times this week. Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard writes in Paste Magazine: “The song is basically about a stalker. It’s about this nice guy who wants this girl he can’t have, and he believes they’ll be together once she realizes how great he is—he just has to wait it out.” Wow. That sounds just like me and Ann.

10 Horse In the 7th

Madeo runs in the 7th race Wednesday at Hollywood Park with Mike Smith taking the mount. You may recall Smith from a little race called the Kentucky Derby, where in 2005 he took 50-1 long shot Giacomo to the winner’s circle. Or his Preakness victory in 1993. Or those ten Breeder’s Cup wins. Oh, by the way: Smith is slated to ride Arkansas Derby winner Gayego in the big one Saturday at Churchill Downs.

I’ve said before that betting on names is for suckers, but how can you say no to this one? Marjorie Madeo, my French Facebook friend, tells me that the word madeo means cool in the Breton language, which is spoken in parts of Brittany. That settles it, wouldn’t you say?

Approximate post time 7:25 on the east coast, so hit OTB on the way home.

The Friday File

The Pope I don’t get why the Pope’s going to Yankee Stadium. I always thought he was a Cardinal fan. Har har har.

Turf and Dirt Our horse Madeo worked at five furlongs this week. We’re keeping an eye out for a start so you can get down to OTB and put your money where my mouth is. Based his two outings, expect short odds.

Naming Rights Go help Stewart’s name their latest batch of new ice cream flavors. I suggested Client-9 for the “lemon flavored light ice cream with a whipped cream swirl.” I figure that when life gives you lemons, make lemon ice cream. As for the whipped cream…

On Language The only place where people mull any more is in newspaper headlines.

Six Toes

Among those arrested in Friday’s $50M sports gambling bust were Albert “Waldo” Lounello, Joseph “Oink” Carucci, Joel “Penguin” Greenfield, and Louis “Bindy” Margiasso. This got me thinking I need a nickname, so I turned to the internet. They’ve go everything on the internet these days, so it took about two seconds to find the Mob Nickname Generator, and another two seconds to be issued the alias Six Toes. I rather like the sound of that. You’d probably be called Six Toes because you’re such a serious ass kicker, it’s like you have six toes. Or maybe because you literally have SIX TOES, which isn’t as cool, but still interesting. Feel free to post your new mob nickname in comments. To save you the trouble, I looked up the mob names of a few well known local figures… Continue reading “Six Toes”