The Beer Vote

Sarah Palin“Who would you rather have a beer with?” That’s the question American pundits, both amateur and professional, love asking when probing the common man credentials of political candidates. Well, all the sudden the candidate you’d most like to have a beer with is gun totin’, ice fishin’, snowmobile ridin’, mooseburger eatin’ Sarah Palin. Yes, you’re voting for president, not vice president —but just wait and see how this changes the trajectory of the election.

6 thoughts on “The Beer Vote

  1. Not that I’m a fan, but at least the ” blond pantsuit NY Senator Bimbo” has significantly more experience and perspective about the presidency.

    But yeah, I guess I can see your point. At least if the country’s gonna go ALL the way to hell in a handbasket, it might as well be at the hand of an attractive woman.

  2. One could argue that Sen. Clinton is more qualified than some of the people who ran for president and actually won.

    Including her husband.

  3. Beer. Don’t drink it.

    Make it coffee. Iced. Light on the ice. Black. Very black.

    Bill Kristol. Want to see if his on-air glow is just a result of working in the spotlight of Papa Rupert or an advertisement for Natural Nepotism thanks to Papa Irv and Normie Podhoretz.

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