The Capital Region’s Luckiest Fish

Fidel and Armando were dead.

Nobody was surprised. Figuring the way they lived, the odds were stacked against them from day one.

They fell victim to whatever it is that kills a carnival goldfish. Water too cold, not cold enough, overfeeding, underfeeding. Or maybe in the end they just gave up.

Bottom line is they were dead, and that’s when I decided it was my responsibility to save Fonz, the blue beta.

The three fish came home with my son last May. I can’t say I was happy to see them, but when the goldfish died it brought back memories of the tiny heartbreak you feel when minor pets go to the great hereafter. It’s nothing compared to losing a dog or cat, but it stings.

So, it was off to Petco.

A $30 tank, gravel, plastic plant, net. The fish that was probably worth $.25 now had $45 worth of stuff, which for a fish is living large.

Now, Fonz comes to the top when he (she?) sees me outside, waiting to be fed. I’m the big blurry thing with fish food. No, that’s not much to bond over, but these days, a friend’s a friend.

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