The Eternal Goat

Bill Buckner

As a lifelong Met fan, I take great pleasure in invoking the name Bill Buckner in front of the many obnoxious denizens of Red Sox Nation —but what Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) did yesterday was unconscionable.

At a congressional hearing on the credit crisis, Yarmuth compared the performance of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, one time Treasury Secretary John Snow and ¬†SEC Chairman Christopher Cox to Bill Buckner’s famous error in the 1986 World Series.

“I feel like I’m looking at three Bill Buckners here,” said¬†Yarmuth. “The ball went through your legs.”

Ouch! It’s one thing to razz a Red Sox fan about Buckner, but bring his name up on the floor of congress? To describe the biggest financial disaster in recent history? That’s just plain cold.

Let this be a lesson: screw up bad enough and you’ll still hear about it 22 years later. And coincidentally, 22 years is how long it will take for my 401K to recover.

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