The Filthiest Spot On Your Body

No, not there. Get your mind out of the gutter. When it comes to germs and viruses, the crook of your arm is now the devil’s elbow of infectious disease.

Everybody has been taught that sneezing and coughing into your hands isn’t cool. Even little children:

So now your hands are squeeky clean but your arm is a fetstering pool microbes. My advice: don’t touch anyone’s arm. Ever.

You may be saying, “Rob, why the heck would I touch someone’s arm?”

That’s a good point, but it’s what makes this arm thing so insidious. You take someone by the sleeve to show them the way. They sit down and lay their disgusting arms on your chair. People lean on the kitchen table. Changes the whole meaning of “rubbing elbows” doesn’t it?

Look do what you want, but until I start seeing people smearing Purell up and down their arms this is worth thinking about. Meanwhile get out the Clorox Wipes. And if you work at the dry cleaner, start wearing gloves.

6 thoughts on “The Filthiest Spot On Your Body

  1. I don’t understand how coughing/sneezing into the crook of your arm prevents germs from escaping. Try this: place mouth into crook of right arm. Place left hand under right arm. Cough. I bet you’ll feel air escaping – -air that’s loaded with germs that are now all over your lap, chair, leg, ground, etc… Personally, I cough and sneeze into the inside of my shirt. Simply pull your collar forward and aim your face down into the inside of your shirt, and let loose.I don’t think germs can travel through fabric. Can they?

  2. Eye,

    Hair and eyebrows?

    You need an expert for these hot topics.

    Why not email Ms. Kristi?

    She ought to find some humor in that. I know that you do.

    Frame it as some sort of Mea Culpa Moment or Extension of the Veritable Hand of Peace and Goodwill. Her loyal minions will gobble it right up. You’ll get back on Ms. Kristi’s good side. All will be right with the world.

    And, as a bonus, we’ll gain valuable insight into hair and eyebrow maintenance.

    Go, Eye, Go!

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