The Love Guv

For decades, the mere mention of the Governors Inn & Suites would be met with smirky grins and raised eyebrows. It was known as the Capital Region’s premier spot for wild trysts, clandestine and otherwise. If the walls of this no-tell motel could talk, they would tell some extremely dirty stories.

No, this is not the sort of place you put your mother up for the weekend. Unless your mother is Jenna Jameson.

That may be all over now that the place was gutted by a fire early Monday. In its day, the Governors was known for its shag carpet on the walls, mirrored ceilings, and heart shaped hot tubs. Judging by some of the online reviews, this was quite a surprise to unsuspecting travellers who ended up there.

The name “Governors” is interesting. It’s not likely that any governors actually stayed there, OK, maybe Eliot Spitzer.

Alright, I was there once. It was me and my wife, celebrating a special occasion with a naughty night away without the kids. It lived up to its reputation — but we did feel like we needed to go through decon after spending a night there.

It will most likely turn out that the fire was caused by something mundane, like a frayed wire or faulty fixture. I’d rather imagine that it was friction that caused the blaze, years of accumulated heat that gathered up in the walls and exploded in a fireball of love.

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