The Newspaper Strikes Back

NY Times 2/17/10For several weeks, anyone who could put two words together was swinging their keyboard at the New York Times. They pasted together a pi├▒ata with sticky rumors, stuffed it with newsprint, and took their shots.

But while the angry mob demanded answers about the David Paterson story, the Times did what they do best: they put their head down and and patiently worked on a difficult project.

And now that the entire tale is revealed, calling it a “bombshell” is almost an understatement.

Yes, the first story caused mild concern. The second? OK, maybe it raised some serious questions. But yesterday’s installment, bringing forth allegations of tampering in a domestic violence case, that’s explosive.

Two lessons here: if the Internet has done anything it’s made us impatient for the payoff. And┬áreports of the death of newspapers was an exaggeration.

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