The Xmas Files

The Santa suit killer is one of the most tragic and appalling stories of the entire year, but I just knew if I did a Google News search of the words Christmas and arrested, I’d find something to cheer me up:

Couple Arrested After Christmas Gift Fight
PORTSMOUTH – A Portsmouth, N.H., couple was arrested on Christmas Day after a gift-giving miscue erupted into a violent fist fight, the Boston Herald reports. Police arrested Heath Blom, 26, and Randi Young, 24, and charged both with assault after finding them bruised and battered at the South Street home they share with Blom’s grandparents. According to Portsmouth police, Blom was disappointed when he did not receive the $1,000 airplane he had asked for from his grandparents, and was underwhelmed by the gift he received from Young: a Nintendo Wii video game console.

Man Busted for Loud Christmas Music
SWAMPSCOTT-Swampscott police threw the book at a Puritan Road man for allegedly playing Christmas music too loud at his apartment this past Sunday, charging him with multiple counts of disturbing the peace, civil rights violations and criminal harassment. Arnulf Simmon, 67, of 50 Puritan Road #2, Swampscott, was arrested Dec. 21 shortly after 7 p.m. after a neighbor complained he was playing Christmas music too loud.

Son Charged With Stealing Christmas Presents
SCHAUMBURG – After coming home to find his children’s presents stolen from underneath the Christmas tree, David Olson Sr. felt violated. But when he suspected that his older son was the culprit, he was torn. How do I turn in my own son to police? he wondered. “Especially on Christmas,” Olson Sr. said.

Movie Theater Closes After Christmas Night Brawl
EATONTOWN – A fight in a Monmouth Mall movie theater spilled outside into the lobby and forced the box office to close early on Christmas night, police said. Three juveniles were arrested following the altercation, which took place during a showing of the movie, “Seven Pounds” in theater number 13.

Baby Jesus Thefts Draw Notice
Judging from reports from around the country – from South Jersey and Bucks County to the Alaska town made famous by the “Bridge to Nowhere” – pilferings of the Baby Jesus seem to be on rise. Since Thanksgiving, figurines of the holy infant have been stolen from public squares, churches, front yards and funeral homes.

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