This Week in Fearmongering

You all laughed when I suggested that bacteria in reusable grocery bags “sounds like a bad local TV sweeps story.” Well, all I have to say is HA!

Dirty bags have taken off as a hot story all over, including right here at WNYT:

The station interviewed an actual scientist who described the disgusting phenomena, explaining, “You get chicken juice on your carrots and your strawberries.” Yech! Fortunately, they also gave us a way to protect ourselves: “Just soap and water should do the trick.”

None of the dirty bag stories I watched actually tested any bags on their own. That costs too much money.

One of the more memorable concepts from the “dirty things will hurt you” genre was the filthy hotel report. In that story — which was done in every local TV market in America — you rent a hotel room and go in there with a UV light and look for unsavory stains on the bedspread. Then you swab the room and find out how much bacteria is on the remote control and toilet seat.

The results? Let’s just say if you’re staying in a hotel, bring some Purell. Preferably enough to coat your entire body.

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