The Week In Irony

I needed to find goody bag loot for Zack’s birthday party, no naturally I went to Wal-Mart —and that’s where I got the Billy Bob teeth in this picture. As if people shopping at Wal-Mart need fake Billy Bob teeth? One time I found a folding chair in the store with a warning label that said “Not to be used by persons weighing over 300 pounds.” I’m pretty sure I was the only person in the store under 300 pounds.

Helped move Alex off to college in Buffalo over the weekend. I used $120 worth of gas to transport his $110 worth of crap across the state.

Dave Freeman, the guy who co-wrote the book “100 Things To Do Before You Die” died at age 47 after falling in his home and hitting his head. “This life is a short journey,” he wrote. Turns out it was shorter than he thought.

Local TV stations used to always send reporters to cover the political conventions, even though these events were essentially coronations. There was little news to be reported, but it sure looked good to the audience. Now that there’s finally a convention with some news value, most local TV stations aren’t there because they couldn’t afford to go.

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