I don’t think any teenagers read this blog — hell, hardly anybody reads it at all. My overseer at the Times Union was right: leaving their esteemed website cast me into blog purgatory, a place where only my “friends and family” will bother with my nonsense.

But I digress.

If teenagers did read this, I’d offer some advice: you do not need to use a new towel every time you get wet. This became stunningly clear on Saturday morning as I started washing dirty sheets and towels before heading home from vacation. Everywhere I looked I found another towel. Beach towels, bath towels, face towels, wash cloths… What should have been one load of towels became — I have no idea how many. So anyway, here are some procedures:

1. Use towel.
2. Hang up and allow to dry.
3. Re-use towel.

Next year I may ration the towels and only distribute what is needed — or charge for each additional towel. Better yet? Teach them how to use the darn washer and dryer.

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