Turkey Flambé

Somebody commented about frying turkeys in my Martha Stewart post. Fried turkeys are delicious, but heating a huge vat of oil over an open flame is something you should be careful about —especially if there’s a little alcohol involved. It’s a good way to light your house on fire or hurt yourself. While this will make for a memorable Thanksgiving, please give your local first responders a break.

These folks thought it would be a good idea to fry a turkey on the deck. Not!

I like this one because there are kids around. Kids love fires:

Finally, here’s a little video from Underwriters Labs on the dangers of turkey frying. The good part starts :40 seconds in:

8 responses to “Turkey Flambé

  1. On the other side of the deep fried turkey equation, my friend has made several deep fried turkeys using one of the non-UL listed outdoor fryers, and has never had an incident.

    Danger is all around. That does not mean we should deprive ourselves of delicious food.

  2. Ahh yes, the deep fried turkey… One of those babies took out my wife’s former college apartment in Plattsburgh.


  3. A little danger makes everything more delicious.

  4. the motto of fugu eaters everywhere…

  5. >Danger is all around. That does not mean we should deprive ourselves of delicious food.

    Can I get that on a T-shirt?

  6. The most dangerous thing I’ve eaten is oysters in months that don’t have an “r” in them…

  7. Isn’t it dangerous enough eating deep fried food ?

  8. Upon review of the footage, I must comment:

    I don’t like to eat sushi on the tiny tiny tiny chance I’ll get a worm of some sort- Damn you, Discovery Channel !

    What could possibly convince people, with the numerous examples of Turkey Inferno, that this is a good idea ? Maybe I’m getting too cautious in my ‘certain’ age…

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