Tweeting the News

Sure it’s fun to rip on the TU for not delivering your paper on time (it wasn’t there today when I left the house at 7am) but the truth is that they’re generally first with things, if not delivering the dead tree version.

Local TV once crowed that they had the advantage of immediacy on breaking news. They’d say, “Ha! you’ll have have to wait until morning to read about the hot stories that we can cover at six and eleven.” True, they had an advantage with urgent, breaking news.

Then along came the internet.

The Web really showed us who runs the news in this town. And the truth is the newspaper beats the pants off everyone. They break news on the Web before anyone else, almost every single time with rare exceptions.

Case study: On Saturday there was some breaking news regarding a Continental ExpressJet flight landing with passengers injured by severe turbulance. Not the biggest story, but interesting.

I read about it first on Twitter. Since I was curious about who’s using Twitter to break stories, I did a little check on who had it when:

Times Union 4:07pm
WTEN 4:23
WRGB 4:44
Fox 23 4:49
YNN 5:36pm
WNYT 9:57pm

9:57pm? You have to be kidding.

Is a tweet covering the story? Not really, but it’s a good indication that you’re on top of what’s going on. If you ask people to follow you on Twitter for news you’d better bring your A-game — or wind up the loser.

By the way, the bird outside my window woke up at 3:30 this morning. Now that’s tweeting.

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