I take a shortcut through a walkway in downtown Albany that takes me below the steps in front of the Times Union Center.

When I started walking this way, I noticed that every single morning there was a guy out here with a bucket and mop cleaning all around the dark nooks and crannies. Wow! They do an amazing job of keeping this place tidy, I thought. It smells like bleach — which to me is the odor of CLEAN.

Then one day the bucket and mop guy wasn’t there — and the entire area reeked of urine. Ackkkk! Apparently, this is Albany’s favorite spot to urinate, which makes perfect sense. There are a couple of bars nearby and lots of street people — not to mention all the beer drinking at the arena — so the urinating is understandable.

Because I always have to go to the bathroom, I find this interesting — but just for the record, I do my best to find a bathroom.

I think the mayor should stop down here and have a look; if we clean up around Albany as if people are peeing everywhere, it would surely be a better place. And the mayor could stop worrying about Alex Trebek dissing the city.

6 responses to “Urinetown

  1. I hope the bucket and mop guy doesn’t ever fall ill from mixing bleach with ammonia.

  2. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

  3. Oh that’s nothing. You should try using the walkway between the TUC and the Egg/Concourse. You can call that “Pooptown.” There’s human feces in practically every corner!

  4. A modest proposal: They should cut a trench along one wall and run water through it. Then people could just urinate in there and it would be swept away. Maybe the water could flow too a fountain of some sort? Then this “problem” becomes a public art project. See what we can come up with if we just think outside the box?

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