The Voorheesvillager

Glenmont was right for us when we moved there, but over the years it changed. If only one of us had changed, I may have stayed – but I changed too, and that meant we could no longer live together.

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  1. I drive by Price Chopper and Shop & Save to go to the Hannaford in V’ville. Get used to everything being a bit less expensive, and happy people knowing your name, asking how you are.

    The closest experience was when we had a camp on Schroon Lake, in Horicon, where Joan would start your breakfast order when she saw your car pull up.

    Mark at European Auto will fix your car, the other Mark will remove all traces of the deer you just hit.

    Brick House pizza – very very good.

    We’re dug-in here in Slingerlands, but if we decide to move, I know where we’re going.

    • Brick House certainly beats Smith’s, which — as our president-elect might say — is highly overrated. And it’s only a matter of time before I bag me a deer…

  2. Also pretty close to Fin the fish monger.
    Freshest fish available.
    Just a customer I don’t work there

    • Yes, absolutely a great place — and one of the few fish markets that remain.

      Loosely related, not yet sure if I’m sold on Market 32. I need to visit a few more times to get the whole picture.

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