Welcome Back Otter

Early one morning last week I noticed something splashing around in Ann Lee Pond. What the hell is that? I pulled the car over.

A short distance from shore a pair of sleek, dark animals darted around on the water, diving and surfacing like tiny seals. Otters.

I’d never seen an otter before, but it was obvious what they were. Naturally, I didn’t have a camera, but every morning and afternoon since then, I’ve stopped by the pond hoping to see them again and get a picture. Nothing.

Oddly appropriate that on Earth Day one of the otters made a return appearance, gliding along obliviously as I snapped away. I’ll admit, part of me just wanted an excuse to use the headline above, but the truth is that I find even the most ordinary animals sort of amazing.

All before 7:30 this morning I spotted a dozen turkeys, several deer, birds of all sorts, the otter, a large turtle — and several anglers out in their boats trolling on the Hudson. Every day is Earth Day if you just look around.

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