WGY: Re-hire Al Roney

As noted on Monday, I believe there’s money to be made as a talk radio consultant. I’m handing out some freebies to prospective clients to generate interest in my new venture; today here’s some advice for WGY:

The face of American talk radio.

Sooooooo, WGY: Don Weeks is retiring! Wow, what a career he had. That man’s a legend — but what are you going to do now? I’ll tell you what you’re going to do now, you’ll get on your knees and beg Al Roney to come back.

Sure, there are often hard feelings when you let someone go, but there’s a universal salve that heals even the deepest and most painful wounds: money. Throw enough money at him and he’ll forget all about Talk 1300. Oh, he has a contract? Bah! Once again, don’t underestimate the curative power of cash. This is no time to dawdle; once he hits the air on WGDJ this Monday it may be too late.

Roney is a sure thing. People know him, he knows the audience… and just think of the risks of bringing in someone new. WGY’s eclectic morning show is a different animal than the talk-fest Roney used to host, but he can handle it. And who wouldn’t rather do morning drive on WGY than afternoons on some crummy little pea shooter?

Remember: everybody has their price. My price is a $100 iTunes gift card and a case of Hennepin from Brewery Ommegang.

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