Work With Ron Jeremey

Maybe you’ve noticed the ads on this page — not the banner and box advertisements that help keep the lights on, but the text ads at the bottom served by Yahoo. Here’s a sample:

Like a lot of people, I generally ignore these ads, but the headline Work With Ron Jeremey is a real attention getter.

Some of you may know that Ron Jeremy (it’s misspelled in the ad) is a well-known actor who in the 1980s appeared in something like 1700 porno films. His nickname is The Hedgehog, and he is still a celebrity of sorts — in the peculiar way you can remain famous in America for once being famous. I don’t think he does porn anymore. Thank god.

Unable to resist finding out what sort of acting you might do with Ron Jeremy, I clicked.

After entering a fake name and email address, my browser was whisked away to a seemingly endless parade of ads, all of them requiring an opt-out before allowing you to go on to the casting page. No, I don’t want to find out how to make more money. No, I don’t want email alerts about anything. No, I’d rather not have a trial membership to the Steak of the Month Club.

Finally, I got to the place I wanted. The results: “There are no jobs working with Ron Jeremey in your area.”

Try it yourself. I’m not saying you won’t work with Ron Jeremy, but be prepared for disappointment. That’s show biz.

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