World’s Best Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Irish Soda BreadA lot of Irish soda bread has the consistency of a cinder block and half the flavor. It’s no wonder so many people fled the Emerald Isle.

Today I will share with you a family secret. I’ve been cleared by the keepers of this recipe to to divulge its┬ácontents in the interest of improving the state of Irish soda bread in America — and thus enhancing its reputation and standing in the world of baked goods.

This recipe came here with the Curtains of County Cork as they braved the cold Atlantic to seek a better life in America. I now present it to you as my gift. Some of you are saying, “That sounds like a lot of blarney.”

Please. Do you think I just make this stuff up?

This world is a random place full of twists and turns where things can go wrong in an instant. There are no guarantees — but I guarantee people will ask you for this recipe after they try it.


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