#9 Dream

You know your blog’s in trouble when you start writing about your dreams.

But what the hell.

I’ve had a recurring nightmare where I’m a DJ at a radio station. The song on the turntable is ending, but the next record is not cued up and I’m running around the studio trying to find a record to play next.

I had the dream again the other night, and things were complicated by turntables that played the records upside down, so you not only had to find a song to play, but then struggle to get it ready.

It’s a quaintly old-fashioned dream, what with vinyl and turntables. Those things are gone from radio stations, as are DJs who get to pick out their own music.

Maybe there was a time when railroad men would dream of running out of coal or people would have nightmares about receiving bad news in a telegram. Technology may change, but anxiety is forever.


4 thoughts on “#9 Dream

  1. First. I’m glad to see you back blogging. Second…I ALWAYS had a cart with Stairway to Heaven ready…for dinner or comfort breaks…if I needed more time, Side one of Tull’s Thick as a Brick would do,… 😉 Use some of that Madeo brainwave action and go all Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warrior on this recurring broadcast dream! 😉

  2. I’m working to figure it out, though the dream only has Freudian overtones if you were playing requests from your mother.

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