Airing of Grievances

Paul Vandenburgh of Talk 1300 referred to me as a slug, a creep, and a punk on the air yesterday morning —not necessarily in that order. He then continued his half-hour long rant saying I had, “No talent” and “No ability.” Well, Mr. Vandenburgh, you are wrong. WRONG! I have lots of ability. Talent? Eh….

The punk thing’s interesting. What with all the Ramones and Flogging Molly on my iPod, yes, I’m totally a punk. And I’ll gladly cop to the slug label. Who doesn’t love those spunky Banana Slugs of the University of California at Santa Cruz?

But a creep? I’ll defer to you on that, Vandenburgh, because you’re the expert.

5 thoughts on “Airing of Grievances

  1. I check out this blog every morning, I’ll have to check out talk 1300 tomorrow…someone notify their sales staff….their audience will double as I drive to work and tune them in….sell, sell, sell the 8:00am – 8:02am slot baby…we’ll have at least 2 listeners!!

  2. Good one! But the truth is more troubling: for some reason the show has a dedicated following of relatively smart and influential people.

    I listen because he says so many dumb things. Why do they listen? I hope it’s not because they think they’re learning something.

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