And Speaking of Dogs

I swore I wouldn’t write about the dogs all the time, but I can’t pass on this.

There was a story this week about a study showing that dogs experience the feeling of being cheated if they’re dealt with unfairly. The long and short of it is that two dogs are offered treats to do a trick. At some point, one dog starts getting better treats to do the tricks and the other dog gets resentful and stops performing. Who wouldn’t?

This got me wondering about what dogs really think. During the ice storm, Scarlett and Maddy spent time away from home where they’d be warm. Ann says they missed us, but who can say? I’m convinced that after 12 hours, the dogs are like, “Hey, remember those people? You know, the lady who used to walk us…and that guy?

“What guy?”

“You know, the one with the tennis ball?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah, right…whatever happened to them?”

One thought on “And Speaking of Dogs

  1. I think both you and the article are right. My two dogs have been “re-homed” quite a bit recently: they were at my inlaws’ for a year while my wife and I were in an apartment, then they moved into our new house, then two weeks later the ice storm hit and they were back with the inlaws while we were at my parents’. But every time we visited them, even in the year-long stint at my inlaws’, they were overjoyed with excitement when we came through the door, much more so than the typical day coming home from work. They may be a bit confused about who their owners are at the moment, but they definitely know we’re the ones that walk them, play with them, etc and we always get a better reception than others.

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