Animal Magnetism

The cool weather means that animals are seeking out a warm place to spend the winter. Like in my bed.

I woke up last night to find one of the cats curled up against the top of my head, a dog resting against my legs, and another dog pressed against my torso with her head on my shoulder. She looked at me. I looked at her. She licked me on the mouth before I could turn away.

Who can blame them? It’s already freezing in our house. The cat is smart enough to know that most of your body heat escapes from the top of your head. Rather than staying warm by wearing a hat, I am wearing a cat.

Fortunately, I don’t need much room, but it’s getting ridiculous. Now I’m wondering if an electric blanket or something might tempt the animals out of my bed and down onto the floor where they probably belong.

Yes, we’ve been down this road before, but people, I am on the verge of surrender. At least with an electric blanket on the floor I could just curl up down there and let them have the bed.

18 thoughts on “Animal Magnetism

      1. I think we’ve already had this conversation. My dog’s name is Zoe. I’m not stalking you, though. That’s been her name since 2004.

        1. I totally didn’t realize it was you. Yes, we have had that conversation, but it has been MY cat’s name since 1992! My Zoe was Zoe before your Zoe was even a glint in some bitch’s eye!

          Oh, no. I mean literally, since Zoe’s mother falls under that category. And I was just making conversation. Hope you didn’t take it as hostile.

          1. Your cat is clearly an elder statescat. I defer to her Zoeness.

            It’s not a name I would have thought of for a dog, but I like it so I kept it.

  1. Do the pets know about this? That they belong on the floor? The only time my cats lie down on the floor, is when they hurry to get in front of us, (while we’re walking, of course) then they drop to the floor whilst we’re in mid-step. This makes us do all kinds of entertaining maneuvers to avoid squishing them. I swear I’ve heard them laughing.

  2. Just think what you’ll save on the heat bill!

    I’m jealous. This is one thing I miss about cats. I swear they must have the highest body heat. It’s like curling up with a heater only softer and nice purrs instead of that god-awful humming.

    Shoot me. I’m nuts about cats and almost always on their side. They are banned, however, because they make the grandson sneeze.

    I’m making friends with the neighbor’s cat through the window because he is fascinated by my rolling walker. The other grandmother gave the grandson a bike for his birthday and that cat’s eyes really bugged out at the sight of it. I think he’s thinking what is with these people and wheels? Just wait until I get a hoveround.

  3. Once the heat comes on, the cats actually leave the bed and go sleep on the heater vents. I put two cat beds right in front of the one in my home office, with a little cat tent over it, and they’ll spend most of the winter there. It’s these transitional periods that are tough . . . until the furnace starts cranking, I guess I’m the warmest thing in the house, since I get piled upon as well.

  4. One of my dogs, a a 70 pound rescue mutt (boxer-bullmastiff mix), loves sleeping in my bed. I try to force him to sleep on his dog bed next to my bed with the other dog but he whines and whimpers and then waits for me to fall asleep. Then he sneaks onto the bed and sprawls out besides me. He snores and toots all night, though, but hey, so do men, right?

  5. My cat loves winter… because the heat is on. I put her bed in front of the heat vent and that is where she lives. She can have all the heat she wants, she’s 17 yrs old and deserves it!

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