Bad Case of the Blahhhgs

Fun fact: about one-quarter of Times Union bloggers haven’t posted anything in a month or more.

That’s not as bad as it sounds, actually.

It’s commonly accepted that about 95% of people who start blogging give it up. Numbers are hard to come by; researching abandoned blogs is almost as pointless as the abandoned blogs themselves. Nobody cares.

It does seem that some people take to it more than others. Let’s look at a couple of recent additions to the TU’s stable of bloggers. Former administrative law judge and author Frank Robinson started blogging in early November. Since then, he’s posted interesting pieces every few days. Good stuff.

On the flip side is Anasha Cummings. His introductory post appeared on November 24 and then he fell off the edge of the earth. He may not be much of a blogger, but at least he has awesome hair.

Some readers think I have some sort of beef with the TU blog section. Well, they’re right. But also, I’ve been making fun of writing about their blog content for nearly ten years, since my days as an amateur media critic.  Why stop now?

But enough for today.  Blog posts about blogs and blogging? Now that’s tedious.

4 thoughts on “Bad Case of the Blahhhgs

  1. The ingenious use of blank spaces where words would normally be written allows more focus on the ads, pop-ups, and click-bait. Thus this will please the blog meisters masters.

  2. Boy, I really blew up your comment section in the “Party On, Darth” post, didn’t I?

    And heere we are nearly six years later, and our stuff is still up there. The structural changes they’ve implemented to make the blogs more profitable with the smart phone set make them all look crappy too, for added indignity.


    1. Those were the days. I nearly went into a rant about the people who run the TU blogs being untrustworthy jerks, but hey, it’s Christmas.

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