Basket Case

So, here’s the thing: lately when I go into my supermarket — I won’t mention which one, but let’s just say they are committed to chopping prices — the cashier sometimes asks this question:

“May I help you with anything on the bottom of your cart today?”

To me, that sounds a little like:

“Are you planning to steal something by ‘forgetting’ it in bottom of your cart today?”

Hey, just because I haven’t shaved in three days and didn’t take a shower doesn’t mean I’m going to steal sh*t from your store.

It could be that they’re just being helpful, you know, for customers who can’t reach into the bottom of their cart. Except I’ve also noticed that there are discreet little signs posted near the cashiers that read What about BOB? BOB stands for bottom of basket.

There’s no question that theft is a problem for supermarkets. That’s why chains, like the one that chops prices, have a serious commitment to security; little things count in an operation that operates on a narrow margin. I once heard some crazy stories from one of their security workers about nabbing brazen grocery thieves.

It’s worth noting that they also now ask customers if they need help to their car. Could this be to have a look at what we’re hiding in the trunk? Perhaps, perhaps.

2 thoughts on “Basket Case

  1. my wife mentioned today that when she was at the store this afternoon they asked her about needing help to the car. She thought it was because she was over 60. I have yet to have anyone ask me that, but have gotten automatic discounts at the movies (I am only 54) and once had a girl at the Dairy Queen in Ghent ask if I wanted the senior discount (I was only 49 at the time). She had a quick comeback with “we have to ask everyone that”. Not that I believed her, but a good try anyways.

    1. Part of me wants to say, “Do I look like I need help?” Instead, I manage to keep my mouth shut. That’s called making progress.

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