Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever

I didn’t say the funniest Super Bowl spot, or the best known, or the one everybody was talking about. I said the best Super Bowl spot.

In 1998 FedEx poked some fun at Super Bowl advertisers (itself included) with a dead on commercial that had everything to do with their brand and never showed their logo for even a split second.

It may also have been the all-time cheapest to produce.

7 thoughts on “Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever

  1. Best Super-Bowl commercial I remember was for Tabasco Sauce. A guy was sitting on a cabin porch at night, gobbling down pizza that he was slathering every few seconds with the hot sauce. A mosquito landed on his thigh and he stopped eating to watch it fill up with his blood. Once full, it took off and when it got about 10 feet away, in a flash of light it exploded.

  2. That was a good one. Not that I don’t admire work that’s just funny -like a lot of the beer commercials, for example- but when you make it about what makes your product unique then you have a winner.

  3. My favorite is the commercial when the ever present beautiful Anheuser-Bush Clydsdales kneeled and paid respect while facing the destroyed sight of the Twin Towers. That brought tears to my eyes – and still does.

    I believe you can still view it on YouTube. Incredible.

  4. This week’s SI reports on a Nielsen survey that found 51% of viewers like the Super Bowl commercials more than the game. And that the median cost of a 30-second spot in this year’s game is gonna cost $2.65 million.

    I don’t remember this spot at all, but it’s really good. As for my fave, the Yogi Berra/ Yao Ming gem always brings a smile to my face.

  5. That Tabasco spot is great because it’s just about the product: “Our sauce is so awesomely hot that it makes mosquitoes f-ing explode.” That’s branding.

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