Cesar Millan I Ain’t

The picture says it all.

We were watching The Dog Whisperer while waiting for the Olympics to come on the other night. Cesar Millan was teaching some poor schmoes about how they need to take charge of their unruly dog. These people made great progress with the pooch — but you could tell by the way they looked at one another that this couple would end up divorced eventually.

Mr. Millan would not be impressed if he saw what was going on in our house. Dogs with their heads in the dishwasher, dogs all over the bed, dogs deciding when it’s play time, dogs who are constantly the center of attention.

In Cesar’s world, we are supposed to be the leaders of the pack, and the dogs are the supposed to be the followers. But is it really so bad to indulge them? Life is short, and shorter for dogs.

14 thoughts on “Cesar Millan I Ain’t

  1. Ha ha, great photo! If our dishwasher is open, Kramer is there looking for a treat. My favorite is when I catch him in the garbage, sneak up on him and call his name – bonk! as his head hits the cabinet!

  2. “Kramer,” Now that’s a good dog name.

    After our last dog we learned to get a covered garbage can. Getting into the trash is like hitting the lottery if you’re a dog.

  3. Cesar’s militant management of dogs takes all the fun out of being a dog owner. My dogs sleep on the bed, they get table scraps (but only after I’m finished eating) and they get a lot of affection without having “to work for it.” Sure, they have some bad habits, like barking at the mailman, drooling at the sight of food, and passing gas when guests are visiting, but they don’t hump humans, they’ll relinquish objects from their mouth, and they wouldn’t dare get into the trash with a human in the room.

  4. Depends on what works for you. As long as they’re not biting your arm off, or relieving themselves on your leg….
    Are those AUSSIES!!!!!! (I had an aussie – best dog ever.)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE Aussies! Especially sweet lovable ones that sleep on the bed and PLAY! Do you ever take them to the golf course in Albany?

  6. Lissa: Funny you should ask! We took them to Capital Hills Golf Course for the first time just yesterday. Now THAT is a dog park.

    The two of them seem to find a lot of joy in running around together, and the sprawling fairways and hills were the perfect spot to burn off some of their crazy energy.

    I look forward to going back. Great place, but I think people could do a better job picking up poop. It would be a shame if the City decided to keep dogs off the course.

  7. Agreed about poop pick up. The golf course is really beautiful – there are the cart paths but then great trails in the woods too. We’ve seen deer, hawks, owls etc. – and the girls LOVE it. I hope to run into Scarlett and Maddy there.

  8. Agreed! My pup Cooper is spoiled rotten and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Scarlett and Maddy are adorable!

  9. Have you ever tallied up how many times the subject of dog poop, picking up dog poop, etc is mentioned in one of your blogs?

  10. Our two Pembrokes are complete food hounds, even though they don’t get table scraps because corgis tend to put on weight very easily.

    However, here’s the exception: I made crepes on Saturday, and they somehow remembered from the last time that the last crepe is usually a smaller misshapen remainder of the batter – and they “knew” when I made that “corgi crepe.” They sat in the mud room just observing while I made the good crepes. Finally, I made the sad little crepe, rolled it up and cut it in two to cool off – that’s when they jumped up, one to the left and one to the right of me. Can’t figure out how they know that it was the last of the batter. I don’t change my behavior or even look at them. This is only the second time I made crepes while they were near the kitchen.

    Don’t know how they knew this – but they did!

    Corgi crepes – good grief, what’s next?

  11. Great photo. Cesar Millan has an incredible gift,but I agree that he takes the fun out of owning a dog. As long as a dog is somewhat well-behaved, I’m OK with sharing my bed and sofa.

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