Cleveland Rocks

General Electric doesn’t screw around with lightbulbs. Harharhaharhar… oh, I slay me.

Anyway, less than a week after complaining that my five year CFL bulb only lasted two years, the world’s 18th biggest company sent me a coupon that may be exchanged for $8 worth of their fine lighting products.

This came from no less than the world headquarters of GE’s Lighting Division in Cleveland, also home to the company’s Lighting & Electrical Institute.

This may seem like a small thing, but in terms of customer service it’s a real home run. Getting that sort of response to my dumb little complaint is impressive — and it may influence my buying decisions on things that are bigger than light bulbs.

2 thoughts on “Cleveland Rocks

  1. Oh, GE. I thought you meant the Indians!
    Some companies still stand by their products. Last GE sent me a voucher to replace a microwave that started to spark.

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