The Clock Will Kill You

Most people did not get what Bill Belichick was doing when he allowed Ahmad Bradshaw to score — hell, even Ahmad Bradshaw didn’t understand until it was too late.

Belichick decided to trade points for time. It was a ballsy thing to do and a calculated risk that did not pay off. And you know what that’s like, don’t you?

So many writers have waxed poetic about baseball, but it’s football that reveals the truth about life. It’s a game of triumph and struggle and tragedy. Pain and glory, winning and losing. It’s a place where perseverence is rewarded — but sometimes it’s just better to be lucky.

And ultimately, as in life, it comes down to the clock.

Now, on to the sideshow. Most of the Super Bowl commercials sucked, but I really liked the Silverado apocalypse commercial, which would have also been interesting with zombies. However, the spot I can’t stop thinking about is the Cat Killing Dorito Dog. The audacity of extending the cat vs. dog trope this far, for the dog to… well watch the commercial:

This made me laugh out loud, the cats storm out of the room, and the dogs give high-fives all around.

6 thoughts on “The Clock Will Kill You

  1. Yes, zombies would have worked, but it would have been a much darker, more graphic commercial. Not sure if zombie apocalypse survivors rolling over the undead in Chevy Silverados is Super Bowl fare.

    But I guess if you can have serial killer dogs, you can knock off a few zombies.

  2. There’s a word for all that baseball writing: bullshit.

    I’ve never been able to understand why baseball has been given this mythic status in America. Sure, I get that men can imagine themselves in that uniform (just look at Joba Chamberlain) and its historical context, but way too many words have been concocted about its grace and beauty and significance.

    If anything, baseball represents what’s worst about America: greed, self absorption, and lack of regard for working as a team.

  3. The opposite viewpoint: football is played by a bunch of thugs who’d be out pillaging villages if they didn’t have football.

    Grace and beauty: find some film of Joe DiMaggio running the bases. (And this from a Red Sox fan!) And significance: Ted Williams’ career was interrupted by 2 wars and he was still one of the greatest hitters of all time.

    Sure these are old guys but there are still some examples today: the gentleman Jason Varitek, the steadfastness of Cal Ripkin Jr., the beauty of A-Rod (just had to throw that in!)

    Not too many rapists or girlfriend killers or dog-fighting trainers in baseball.

    Just sayin’.

  4. Once I plant my flowers this spring, I’ve got a job for that dog. Route 85-based coyotes have been slacking lately.

    1. It’s not just a worship of the game itself. We elevate sports figures to a special status — but there’s a type of deification that’s reserved for baseball players. Just visit the Hall of Fame if your doubt it. Viewed that way it’s not just a game or a form of entertainment — or just a job, for god’s sake — but a holy pursuit.

      The only baseball player I worship is Kenny Powers:

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