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Let’s talk about this Death Wish Coffee. A large bag of the highly caffeinated brew showed up in my house recently, and in the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t pay for it. Long story.

Death Wish hit the marketing jackpot recently they won Intuit’s  Small Business, Big Game  contest, and all of America saw their commercial in the Super Bowl. You remember the commercial,  the one with vikings rowing toward doom in a raging sea? Yeah, this one:

So, after a few days of drinking Death Wish, here are my observations.

Death Wish tastes good, at least as good as the premium store-bought ground coffee I usually brew. After two to three cups, my normal morning routine, there was definitely a noticeable and familiar effect: the feeling you get after having a little too much coffee — and I’m not sure I want that every morning.

If you were on your way to do some pillaging in your viking ship, a pot of Death Wish would be exactly the thing to put you in the mood.  Having said that, if I were on my way for a day of pillaging, I’d probably go light on the coffee so I wouldn’t have to stop at every rest area along the way to pee.

Maybe with hyper-caffeinated Death Wish you could drink less coffee and get the same boost. This way you won’t annoy your fellow rowers with constant requests for pee stops  — and also avoid a possible beheading.

At $20 per pound, I’ll stick with the coffee I usually drink at half the price — but I’ll save some of the Death Wish just in case. You never know when someone’s going to invite you for a day of pillaging.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Buzz

  1. While I wish Death Wish all the success they can handle, I personally have no interest in ramped-up caffeine levels in anything – the standard dose generally does the trick. Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, Amp, Monster etc are all absolutely disgusting (IMO). Remember Jolt Cola? Yeah, me neither.

    1. Yeah… I’ll pound a 5-Hour Energy, but only in extremely dire circumstances, like to battle fatigue when driving at night.

  2. I was sent a bag of the stuff too. And it’s really just too strong for me. I’ve been grinding it in small amounts and adding into my regular coffee to give it an extra little kick.

    But I’m old. As are you. And I’d much rather the kids drink this stuff than that Red Bull crap if they’re trying to get a buzz.

    It took a long time to get through that pound. Most likely, I’ll pick up a small brewed cup of this on occasion at Saratoga Coffee Traders. Surely, however, there is a market for this stuff. I’m glad they’ve found it. Hopefully that commercial will propel the company to great success.

    1. I enjoy drinking coffee in the morning. Yes, I’m conditioned to crave it as a mild stimulant, but I love the flavor and the ritual of it.

      They didn’t actually send it to me. My wife, who works in media, brought home a FIVE POUND bag they gave her; we’re portioning it out into smaller quantities to share with friends.

  3. I tried a cup from SCT, and had ‘the shakes’ for the rest of the day. Being Irish, I’m already one small slight, real or perceived, from rage, so that one cup didn’t help. It is a tasty brew though, and would have been just the thing for my commute to PAFB or Fort Drum.

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