Congressman Jackass

He loves puppies and has eclectic taste in music. His sisters were his role models and his kids have become his best friends in many ways. His first heartbreak? At six, when Timothy the turtle died.

What is this — some middle aged guy’s lame online dating profile? No, it’s from the 20 Things You Don’t Know about John Sweeney.

It doesn’t mention the former congressman’s three divorces, the drunk driving arrests, the domestic strife, the ex-stripper, those frat party pics, that assault involving his kid, the ski trip thing — but hey, that’s stuff we already know.

I always read these 20 Things features that Kristi Gustafson Barlette writes, and I wasn’t surprised when the Sweeney item left a few readers bent out of shape. One guy wrote, “I’m looking forward to next week’s segment, ’20 Things you don’t know about me: Chris Porco’.” Kristi says her subjects are folks who are “interesting and people know them — or know of them.” By that standard, a Chris Porco 20 Things is not off the table. And you know we’d all read it.

So here comes John Sweeney again, reimagined as the cool, sensitive guy in recovery who “used to party with the band U2.”

Yeah, right.

Mr. Sweeney, do us all a favor and go away. Go away and quietly pick up the mess you’ve left in your wake. And I’ll tell you what: we’ll say a prayer for your recovery, and another prayer that you don’t fuck up again and damage the lives of more people around you. Best of luck, sir.

None of us are perfect. I may not have accomplished huge things in my life, but at least I’ve been a good husband and father. I’d like to think that’s enough.

4 thoughts on “Congressman Jackass

  1. Chris Porco visited our neighborhood quite often while he was out on bail, as his mother was a good friend of one of our neighbors. He was as strange as you can imagine. No tension at all for all of us having a soon-to-be-convicted murderer in our midst. As we had several officers from BPD also residing in our neighborhood, we also had a pretty good idea how the trial would go.

    I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘gun guy’. I go to the range once a year, or less. From more than 20 yards, I’m more accurate throwing the thing. On the other hand, the SIG was kept loaded by the door for a couple months.

    As for Sweeney, I get the sense he hasn’t killed anyone yet. But I won’t be surprised.

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