Cotton Kills (your crotch)

I stupidly remarked on Sunday that Hurricane Irene didn’t seem so bad — but that was before I understood the full range of its destructive wrath. Yes, another lesson in shooting one’s mouth off without having any facts.

But I’m not here to talk about the storm damage, I’m here to talk about my underwear.

I spent the day tromping around town pumping out people’s basements with the fire department. Though soaking wet all day, I was comfortable because I didn’t wear anything cotton. Nylon shorts, synthetic blend socks, a moisture wicking athletic shirt — but maybe the best piece of equipment I had was in my pants: a pair of Under Armour boxer briefs.

Under Armour calls them The World’s Best Underwear, and I have to agree. They keep you cool and comfortable down there no matter what’s going on — plus they dry quickly, prevent chafing, and just make you feel like everything is right with the world. Travelling light? These are perfect because you can wash them in the sink and wear them again the next day.

Ladies, do your man a favor and get his a couple of pairs of these. I promise, he’ll think of you everytime he puts them on.

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