Oh, and by the way: go easy with the camera at craft fairs.

I was strolling through a tent at the Manchester Fall Art and Craft Festival. Generally speaking I can’t stand going to these things, but we do what we gotta do, do we not? Anyway, I was amusing myself by taking some pictures to capture the feel of the event — and even though I’m sort of aware that taking pictures of people’s art is not always cool, in a careless moment snapped this picture.


I looked up to find the guy running the booth glaring at me, so I skedaddled, half expecting him to chase me down and smash my camera, Alec Baldwin style.

I get why people want to protect their work from being copied or used for some commercial purpose, and you don’t have to look far to find discussions about this in the art and craft show world. So, even if the picture is just for your dumb blog, it couldn’t hurt to ask; I would never have shot this without asking:


So, lesson learned. And I spent the rest of the afternoon with an eye peeled for the angry artist.

2 thoughts on “Crafty

  1. Our church has a craft fair every year. 99% of the crafters are really nice, but there are a few who make us question the wisdom of having a craft fair each year. One lady, who is one Ph.D short of going full-Kaczynski, has a melt-down each year at both set-up and take-down, threatening for the past 4 years to ‘never come back to this f***ing place again’.

    One can hope…

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