Dating Tips For Guys #37

Gentlemen: there is a razor thin line that separates romantic from creepy. Knowing the location of this line is valuable. Let’s say there’s a fine young lady that you fancy. On her birthday, surprising her with a card would be a nice touch, right? Of course it would —unless you discovered her date of birth by running her plate number through your computer at DMV. And then you kind of sneak up and give her the card in the parking lot. That won’t get you a date, but it might get you fired. And maybe arrested. And very possibly named in an order of protection. You see, this was a good idea but it was poorly executed.

Remember: in matters of the heart, execution is everything.

5 thoughts on “Dating Tips For Guys #37

  1. What IS it with some women — Can’t they just appreciate a little attention without getting the authorities involved?? (No way a guy could get away with posting this comment. Double standards at work again).

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