Dog Guilt

Aren’t there already enough things to feel guilty about without feeling guilty about the dogs?

You holler at them for making a racket in the yard at 6am and then regret it later. Kick them them out of the bed and feel bad. Feed them their pricey dry food with a dollop of yogurt on top and then worry that they should be eating raw.

Yes it’s stupid.

For example, I took them to the dog park twice on Sunday because I was afraid they weren’t getting enough exercise. Then I felt guilty later that one was sore from too much running. Should I give her an Advil?

The topper is when you shut them inside the house and leave for work. When I left the house this morning I left the radio on so they could listen to WAMC while I’m away. And then I saw this clip from Family Guy:


I’ll never do that again.

So I leave you today, as you worry about whether you are a god dog owner who is doing everything you should, with a few words from Stephen Budiansky:

Calling dogs parasites is fighting words, but what can I say? Dogs have got us exactly where they want us, and we, idiotic grins fixed to our faces, go along with it all….

4 thoughts on “Dog Guilt

  1. Just don’t tune it to WGY- you’ll find poochy swing from the shower rod ala’ David Carradine… sans high heels.

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