A Dollar and a Dream

When it comes to shaving, I go with the cheapest. The cheapest shaving cream, the cheapest blades and no fancy balms or lotions.

But it’s not just about money.

One time my wife brought home a big bag of remarkably elaborate and expensive looking razors. They came from someone who works in R&D for a big razor company; he was hoping me and the boys would try these fancy things and provide feedback. I didn’t touch them. Nope. Just give me my plastic disposable twin blader. You, know, the kind of razor they let prison inmates use. Seems to work just fine!

Being so cheap committed to the basics,  I was intrigued by the Dollar Shave Club. It seems that a dollar — and another two dollars for shipping — will get you five blades a month. They even throw in a free handle. Very well, let’s give it a go. This could mean I never have to even think about razors again, and that I like the sound of that.

I’ll let you all know how this goes. In the meantime, watch this tremendous video from Dollar Shave Club. It’s one of the big reasons I signed up.

6 thoughts on “A Dollar and a Dream

  1. I’m a buy a huge bag of BJs brand razors and use them till the run out guy. But this ad is awesome, maybe I’ll look into this when the bag o’ razors starts running low.

    1. I’ve gotten my first shipment. They send five cartridges — but I can’t remember ever going through five in a month!

  2. As a former Dollar Shave Club member, I’ll be curious to know your reaction. My personal take? Really clever and dynamic marketing, spectacular customer service, and a really crappy product. I actually started out on the $6 A Month option, hoping for a more substantial razor. Hating the design, I dropped to the $1 A Month selection, only to be equally disappointed. Too bad… such a smart concept, unrealized.

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