The Easter Bunion

It was a grand Easter day in Manhattan, where my brother and sister-in-law hosted us for a wonderful afternoon of eating and fun. The big surprise was walking in and seeing my Aunt Florie, who is just as vibrant and lively as I remember her being in my childhood, forty years ago.

Florie always took a lot of pictures, and she offered this advice: “You should write down on the back who’s in the picture… People will thank you for it someday.” Excellent point. This picture could certainly use some explanation:

Along with our Easter merrymaking, everyone peeled off their shoes to discuss bunions and foot health. After all, nothing says “festive holiday celebration” like examining each other’s feet. My right foot (not pictured) is a frightful sight, in case you’re interested.

Anyhow, to my not-yet-born descendants, this was not some sort of lost Easter tradition, but just what aging people do when they get together in a group.

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