Election Day Wisdom

Once upon a time, shortly before election day, the marketing director of a local TV station went into the newsroom.

In his hand was the script for the election night promo — but this was no ordinary promo. Yes, it spoke of the TV station’s superior skill, experience, and prowess in providing election coverage, but it also told viewers they should get out and vote.

The eager young man brought his script to the veteran news anchor, a man known far and wide as the most seasoned and respected journalist on local television. He looked at the copy.

“I’m not reading this,” he grumbled. “If people are too stupid to vote without us telling them to do it, they shouldn’t be voting at all.”

How true.

5 thoughts on “Election Day Wisdom

  1. Disagree. People need to be reminded about everything:
    1.) Don’t smoke
    2.) Eat healthy foods
    3.) Turn the lights off when you leave a room
    4.) If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.

    Just a few examples that show Mr. Dague did not think this one through.

  2. A paragraph from one of my recent posts:

    We are overburdened with signs and warnings. From ‘This coffee may be HOT’ to ‘Do not put this plastic bag over your head’ and ‘Driving your car through a lake can cause engine damage’ (I made up that last one), we’re in constant need of that annoying reinforcement that gives us someone to blame when we do something stupid.

    I think the voting message is in the same category.

  3. Everyday Wisdom:
    Do not use a toilet bowl cleaning brush orally;
    Objects viewed in a vehicles rear view mirror are actually behind you;
    Before storing a folding portable stroller, remove infant;
    Do not iron clothes while on body;
    Finally, a package of peanuts may contain nuts.

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